Right now: Under Secretary Glassman to discuss U.S. Public Diplomacy efforts (Updated)

Right now (11a ET, 15 June 2008) at America.gov from the Foreign Press Center:

U.S. Public Diplomacy and the War of Ideas

The Foreign Press Center invites you to an on-the-record, on-camera briefing with newly confirmed Under Secretary James Glassman to discuss the Department of State’s ongoing public diplomacy efforts and goals overseas. U.S. embassies worldwide, directed by Under Secretary Glassman, engage in myriad exchange, educational, and travel programs to introduce international audiences to the United States. Under Secretary Glassman also heads the U.S. Government-wide War of Ideas effort countering violent extremism.

James K. Glassman leads America’s public diplomacy outreach, which includes communications with international audiences, cultural programming, academic grants, educational exchanges, international visitor programs, and U.S. government efforts to confront ideological support for terrorism. He oversees the bureaus of Educational and Cultural Affairs, Public Affairs and International Information Programs, and participates in foreign policy development.

Not to leave you hanging, but by simply visiting America.gov and watching this video, you are violating aiding and abetting a violation modern interpretation of Smith-Mundt.  Feeling guilty?

Transcript of the briefing is available here (pdf).