Unrestricted Warfare Symposium 2008: Proceedings are available online

Whether you did or did not attend this year's URW Symposium at Johns Hopkins University (10-11 March 2008), the proceedings are available online (hard copy typically arrives much later, but I didn't couldn't make it this year, so I won't be getting a book).  A few presentations stand out, even if 80% of the content was surely in the accompanying narrative. 

The first is COL Karen Lloyd's Experiences from the Field: Using Information Operations to Defeat AQAM (al-Qaeda and Associated Movements).  COL Lloyd is from J3, Joint IO Warfare Center.  The slides don't give away anything new, except for one not about AQAM:


Effects-Based Public Affairs.  More on this later.

See also Mark Stout's (Institute for Defense Analysis) Listening to the Adversary About the "War of Ideas" as well as the rest here.