Terrorist or Nationalist? It depends, but either way, you need to know to counter the message effectively

Watch the video below.  What do you see?  More after the fold.

You heard the bagpipes, the moving music and the bagpipes, but what about...

  • imagethe mixture of seed and bullets?
  • the prominent use and (and often dominant) positioning of the Lebanese flag over the Hezbollah flag? 
  • the explicit professionalism of the soldiers? 
  • the coffins draped in the Lebanese flag?
  • or the combat cameraman with the soldier?

I'm told the crowd scenes include not just Shia, but Sunni and Christians. 

This video reflects how Hezbollah positions itself within Lebanon.  If you want to counter Hezbollah, or other organizations, you must understand how they connect to their base.  In the case of Hezbollah, do you separate them from their base or shape their actions to hold them more accountable to their base by framing their activities as contrary to their promises?  Either path requires sophisticated and agile communications capabilities that most states do not have. 


Update: as the comments below note, this video doesn't exist in a vacuum.  There is already a history of deeds these words and images backup and reinforce.  In many way, Hezbollah already satisfies Weberian requirements for an administrative body called a state.