ConflictWiki: it's not dead, just in a coma... it's time to revive it

conflictwikiA while back I created the ConflictWiki as an open source and independent wiki hosting cross-cultural (institutionally speaking) content. The target communities included, but isn't restricted to, those studying "hybrid wars," counterterrorism, intelligence, private military companies, private intelligence companies, peacekeeping and peacemaking, reconstruction and stabilization, and public diplomacy. was to be the clearing house for information and it was off to a good start with a large number of entries created (many by the blogger Bourbon and Lawndarts). 

I was never happy with the wiki interface as I wanted to structure the content to make it easy to read by both human and machine for easy extraction into other systems.  I have been looking at migrating off the wiki platform with its arcane (to me) formatting language to the MovableType platform. 

Short list of advantages of MovableType:

  • easy blog style / HTML editing
  • entries can have comments like blogs (using "pages" of MT 4.x, these are similar to but not blog entries)
  • hierarchical filing
  • easy cross linking

Short list of advantages of the MediaWiki platform:

  • changes to entries easily tracked and discussed
  • can comment on entries
  • not hiearchical

What are your thoughts?  Nothing has yet filled the gap ConflictWiki was intended to fill.  It's time to breathe new life into it but what direction do we -- it's a collaborate effort -- take it?  Stay with Wiki?  Go to MovableType?  Another platform?