DOD Blogger Outreach update

Briefly: It took 23 minutes for Noah to connect Jason and myself with the PAO in charge of the "exclusive" Blogger Roundtable. We're in and already information is flowing. This morning, the PAO sent details on the Center for Combating Terrorism report referenced in today's NYT article by William Glaberson.

In hindsight, it seems Silverstein and Grim were both talking beyond each other. Perhaps over generalized, but tell me how many of the "Left" actually care to listen to DOD information? How many of the "Right" actually hear the concerns of the Left? From my experience, this is typical of American polarization. It is also contrary to my experience while attending a Welsh university just a few years ago where I enjoyed long conversations with friends from the (far) Left to the Right at the same time about American foreign policy and global security. Try that in the US and you'll quickly devolve from a factual discussion to an emotional screamfest.