A Failure in Generalship

A quote from an earlier interview with the author of the article at the center of the storm, Lt. Col. Paul Yingling:

if I had to condense [my advice] into a pithy little bullet it would be: don’t train on finding the enemy; train on finding your friends and they will help you find your enemy

No time to write on this, but here are some important links on the story:

An observation from the SWC discussion notes LTC Yingling speaks from inside knowledge:

you have an officer that has been deemed worthy by the very system that he is criticizing (...LTC Yingling does have a masters degree in Political Science from the University of Chicago, so he isn't the standard mold rewarded by the system).

he's already served on three operational deployments, with his last one being a major cog in the wheel of the most successful brigade to have conducted counterinsurgency operations in Iraq as deemed by the Army itself.