Rattle a snake, get bit by a snake - Kenyan Censorship

KbcnewspapersAccording to the Kenyan Broadcasting Corporation, the Kenyan government raided the offices of the newspaper the Standard. The government alleged some of the newspaper's journalists were paid to run "fabricated" stories with the "intention to inciting ethnic hate and animosity leading to a breach of peace."

The BBC has more information, including a statement by Internal Security Minister John Michuki: "If you rattle a snake, you must be prepared to be bitten by it." It seems likely the corruption was not of the journalists but of the government itself, according to the BBC. The claim by Information Minister Mutahi Kagwe of remaining "committed to the idel of press freedom and [the] promotion of responsible journalism" rings false by their actions.

Actions often speak far louder than words.

What type of development is possible under such a regime? The burning of newspapers just doesn't portend good things in information sharing to raise all boats.

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MentalAcrobatics has CCTV footage of the raid.